CAII Annual Dinner & Awards 2021

1845 – 2300 hrs | 30th October 2021 | Silver Oak, India Habitat Centre
CAII Annual Dinner & Awards 2021


Professionals from corporate sector who rise from the ranks and build India while building a career, making an honest living without becoming business Tycoons or political leaders, have brought about The New India.

India – the way it is today is taken for granted. Infrastructure – digital or physical both have taken several decades to come up.

The role of the state has reduced and contributions from the corporate sector have increased.

In the glamour and the glitz of celebrating businessmen and leaders, the role of professionals is forgotten. They do not make award lists or even national honours.

CEO’s Association for Inclusive India (CAII) and SKOCH Group present SKOCH CEO’s Choice Award. It is a vote of thanks – a token of gratitude from a nation to its professionals.

The award is decided through Peer Evaluation and Domain Expert Consultation.

SKOCH CEO's Choice Award 2021

Distinguished Guests

CEO's Association for Inclusive India (CAII)


Lifetime Achievement

Contributions to Marketing (ICE)

Contributions to Digital Municipalities

Contributions to Cyber Security

Contributions to National E-Gov Plan

Contributions to Mission Mode Projects

Contributions to Public Policy

Contributions to Capacity Building

Contributions to Digital States

Contributions to Implementation

Contributions to Corporate & Public Affairs

SKOCH CEO's Choice Award

CAII Annual Dinner & Awards

Programme: 1845 – 2300 | 30th October 2021

  • 18:45 – 20:00 – Meet and Greet at Silver Oak Patio
  • 20:00 – 21:00 – Annual Day & Awards at Silver Oak
  • 21:00 -23:00 – Specially Curated sit-down Dinner
SKOCH CEO's Choice Award

Silver Oak

India Habitat Centre

Lodhi Road, New Delhi
1845 – 2300 | 30th October 2021