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Who Are We?

SKOCH Group is India’s leading think tank dealing with socio-economic issues with a focus on inclusive growth since 1997. The group companies include a consulting wing, a media wing and a charitable foundation. SKOCH Group is able to bring an Indian felt-needs context to strategies and engages with fortune-500 companies, state owned enterprises, government to SMEs and community-based organisations with equal ease. The repertoire of services include field interventions, consultancy, research reports, impact assesments, policy briefs, books, journals, workshops and conferences. SKOCH Group has instituted India’s highest independent civilian honours in the field of governance, finance, technology, economics and social sector. The group companies include a consulting wing, SKOCH Consultancy Services Private Limited; a media wing, SKOCH Media; and a charitable foundation, SKOCH Development Foundation.

About Us

It is a voluntary association for CEO's working for inclusive growth of India through social, digital and financial inclusion initiatives. CAII is advocating for administrative reforms and creation of population scale projects that are going to lead to AatmaNirbhar Growth, defined by us as job generative, spatially dispersed, equitable and sustainable that would avoid the middle income trap.

It provides, briefs, policy inputs through setting up of working groups and committees that make reports and suggestions to the government to help create an alternative path and narrative that keeps Indian socio-economic development as the central theme.