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Digital Municipalities

Prakash Rane
Founder & MD, ABM Knowledgeware Ltd

What started as a maiden implementation of ERP systems at Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) during the early 2000s, has flourished into a statewide implementation across over 275 municipalities in Maharashtra. Prakash Rane, holding spanner and personally seen at work helped him to quickly establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the e-Municipalities domain.

Soon, ABM Knowledgeware grew as IT Software and Services Company and was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). It is one of the few IT companies in India with an exclusive focus on e-Governance and is currently delivering nearly 40 million citizen services per year as compared to 42 lakhs in 2010.

Today, more than 1,000 ULBs count themselves as beneficiaries of ABM services and this accounts for 27% of the smart cities. SAP Digitisation is the conversion of analog documents and information to digital formats. The impact of this project is to be understood in terms of greatly augmented citizen services delivery and organisational efficiency, bolstering the administrative value chain.

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