Contributions to

National E- Gov Plan

Neel Ratan
Regional Managing Partner – North, PWC

What started as an informal paper architected by Neel Ratan on the adoption of e-Governance practices by a state in India at the turn of the century got ramped up to a formal e-Governance programme rolled out nationwide.

The credit squarely goes to Neel for being a rare individual in the private sector yet an integral and intrinsic part of the rise of Digital India as we see it today. Being a key stakeholder in India’s journey of e-Governance, he consulted not only with the central ministry but also state governments. The development of MyGov crowd-sourced platform has been his brainchild.

Neel has long championed the cause for development and change while being mindful of the impact of policies on people. Early days, while overhauling the passport services infrastructure, with rampant strikes and substandard services, he led his team to choose to evaluate the root cause of the issues.

It was found that the working conditions, lack promotions, zero incentives and harsh criticism were the causes. His recommendation to create positive working conditions differentiate between low-value and high-value work got Cabinet nod for performance-based incentives for the first time in a non-revenue department.

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