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Marketing (ICE)

Geetu Bhatnagar
Senior Director – Marketing Oracle India

She is a person of high ‘emotional quotient’, working in an industry which is supposedly not very high on emotions – Information Technology. It comes from the conviction that ‘people don’t buy facts, they buy feelings’, that Geetu Bhatnagar believes in. She is one such marketing professional who is equally at ease working in a carpeted environment as in the treacherous heat of the blazing sun. This is what has made her a leader in customer experience and marketing strategy from the demand side.

Highly motivated, creative and a versatile global leader, Geetu has worked with organisations like Microsoft, HP, Compaq, Telstra V-Comm and Primera Networks to name a few. It was in mid-1990s while being at Telstra V-Comm she took the challenge to provide multipoint connectivity, starting with enterprises, which gradually managed to convince the government to adopt it soon. With Compaq, in 1999, she led the project to set up LAN for the Post Office system across the country.

She has played a pivotal role in setting up large infrastructure and system integration projects like UID, GST, Indian Railways and National Highways modernisation and high security projects for Ministries of Defence and Home Affairs.

Her mainstay has been communication and innovative marketing with a focus on ICE for enhanced competitive advantage.

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