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Cyber Security

Akhilesh Tuteja
Global Head – Cyber Security Consulting & India Head – Digital Consulting

Cyber security is crucial for Digital India. It has attained growing importance for national security and is considered an essential element of national power. Akhilesh Tuteja has been instrumental in moving the government and corporate perspective from risk mitigation to cyber security.

The solutions developed at the age of 27 covering Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Shared Services Outsourcing for KPMG has helped the firm to grow the $1 billion revenue mark. Being ahead of his times in decades, made him an undisputed leader in Cyber Security. Little wonder, Akhilesh Tuteja today partners with over 50 countries in improving business resiliency and risk management.

Akhilesh’s expertise is relied upon by the industry to protect mission-critical business assets as well as incubate and manage high-growth businesses.

He is an ardent advocate of digital transformation and leveraging technology to address business needs, but with security embedded in the design. It was he, who led corporates to involve CISOs in strategy development and investment decision making.

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