Mr Suresh Prabhu
Member, Rajya Sabha & G20 and G7 Sherpa

In my considered belief, commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision that serves us with an opportunity to turn dreams into reality. With a firm focus on achieving desired results, I have always been a strong votary of reforms and turnarounds in my endeavors to bring about a positive transformation in the society. My credentials have propelled me into the league of top three Indian leaders by Asia Week magazine in its lead story “Giant on the Move”, further strengthening my resolve to strike a healthy balance between human development and fragile ecosystem.

Before taking over as the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation, Government of India, he handled several other ministries like the Railways to Environment and Power and Heavy Industries. As Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Sherpa at the G 20 Summit, he had the good fortune of being a personal representative of the head of a state and Chairman of the Task Force on Interlinking of Rivers Project. He staunchly believed that all projects can be taken to their logical fruition with a clear blueprint and stipulated deadlines.

As a Rajya Sabha MP from Andhra Pradesh and Haryana and, four-time Lok Sabha MP from Rajapur in Maharashtra, his doors have always been open to people in his perception that it eliminates red tape and promotes inclusive thinking.

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